Chimney Sweep Tools: Benefits of a Chimney Sweep

 Everyone who lives in a home with a chimney knows that they have to be periodically cleaned. It is to ensure they’re safe and working correctly. But not many people put thought into just how they’re cleaned and what chimney sweep tools to use.

There are heaps of helpful and interesting tools that are beneficial for chimney sweeps. These tools make sure that their clients’ homes stay safe from chimney-related accidents.

Even if you just look at your chimney, you can imagine how difficult it can be to clean. After all, you can’t simply take a rag and wipe away at the chimney’s flue – there’s no way you’ll be able to reach all the dirty areas.

So, what are the benefits of using tools for both effectiveness  and keeping your home clean as well?

In this article, you will discover the best chimney sweep tools and the benefits a chimney sweep.

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How Do Your Chimneys Get Cleaned?

To the average person, chimney cleaning sounds like quite a tough job. Your chimney’s flue is long and hard to reach, and you need to get the entire length cleaned to clear away potentially hazardous substances like creosote. If your chimney sweep doesn’t use the right tools or neglects to do the job properly, you could face seriously troubling problems in the future.

It can help to know how your chimney sweep tools will clean your chimney before hiring them.

The most commonly used tools in the chimney cleaning practice are:

1. Chimney Brush

The most iconic chimney-cleaning tool that people usually think of is, of course, a chimney brush. These sweep brushes are the chimney cleaner’s best friend. Their design, tough wire bristles and changeable handle allow them to reach deep into your chimney’s flue so they can get to all the dirty nooks and crannies that need cleaning.

These wire brushes can come in different shapes and sizes to ensure that every bit of your chimney is cleaned. Chimney sweeps in Auckland do their best to use the right brushes for the right chimneys to ensure that every job is done efficiently.

2. Drop Cloth

It’s no secret – chimney cleaning can get dirty! The soot, ash and debris buildup is no joke and can get everywhere if your chimney cleaner isn’t prepared. So, the well-trained chimney cleaner always makes sure to bring an adequate drop cloth to help protect your home. Naturally, a chimney cleaner won’t be that pleasant if they clean out your chimney’s flue but leave the soot all over your living room floor.

A drop cloth is a common tool used by Auckland chimney sweeps to catch any stray soot or debris that falls during the cleaning process.

3.Industrial Vacuum

Of course, a dependable chimney cleaner shouldn’t rely solely on a drop cloth to catch all the debris that falls from a dirty chimney. Instead, most sweeps use an industrial vacuum to suck up anything that gets unstuck from your chimney’s flue.

4. Creosote Remover

Creosote is a potentially dangerous material that builds up in your chimney when you burn wood. If too much creosote builds up, it can hinder your chimney’s ability to vent smoke properly. If a brush isn’t enough to clear creosote buildup, then a smart chimney sweep can use creosote remover to help the process.

5. Protective Gear

The safety of your chimney cleaner is just as important as your chimney getting cleaned correctly. So, to ensure that they stay safe and sound as they do their work, they will wear protective gear like a respirator or mask, gloves and a suitable outfit. Breathing in soot and creosote isn’t safe, so a good cleaner always comes prepared.

Why You Should Always Trust Your Chimney Cleaning To The Professionals?

Never try to clean your fireplace or chimney if you don’t have the right chimney sweep tools or training. You should absolutely always hire a professional because:

  • A professional will have the right tools for the job.

  • A professional can get the task done efficiently and correctly, allowing you to move on with your day without worrying about the cleaning process taking too long.

  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your chimney will get cleaned professionally. You won’t have to be anxious about leftover creosote buildup or anything else that could be dangerous.

  • Instead, you can happily enjoy your fireplace and chimney until it’s time to have it cleaned again.

Where To Go For Professional Chimney Maintenance

For your Chimney Maintenance trust only the best chimney sweeps in Auckland, trust Embr Fires. Our devoted team of well-trained professionals is here and happy to help New Zealand keep their chimneys clean and its homes safe. We offer an array of helpful services, including chimney cleaning. Our sweeps always come prepared with the right tools, so you never have to worry about subpar results.

Please call 095534599 or visit our contact page if you’d like to hire us or speak with us for any reason.

You deserve the best of the best – enjoy perfectly cleaned chimneys from us at Embr Fires!


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